Special Services

batch processing, address extraction, mail merge

Special Services


Batch Processing

When you have a large mailing, send ConfirmDelivery your address database.  We will utilize your Excel or CSV address file to batch process your address labels, and return them to you electronically typically within the same business day.  Options with this service include:

  • Certified Mail, Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation
  • Pay postage using a Mailing Permit
  • Merge or collate your address labels with existing documents
  • Address standardization to ensure deliverability
Alternatively, download ConfirmDelivery for Windows and perform this process in-house for no additional charge!

Address Extraction

ConfirmDelivery’s patented PDF Address Extractor allows customers to extract recipient and address information from existing PDF documents for the purpose of creating address labels.  For customers who cannot easily export address data, this is a simple way to create address labels in batch mode using the address information available on existing documents.  Extraction occurs in four easy steps:

  1. Choose your document file
  2. Select the address on the first document
  3. Optionally select a record/case number
  4. Extract your addresses!

The PDF Address Extractor is a subscription feature of ConfirmDelivery for Windows.  

Call today for pricing and additional details, or email sales@confirmdelivery.com.