Simplify the Process

online addressing and multifaceted tracking is a feature-rich web-based solution that simplifies and enhances every step of the Certified Mail process:

  • Simplify preparation with online addressing capabilities
  • Enhance tracking with our patented technology
  • Expedite Proof of Delivery
The online, easy-access ConfirmDelivery website allows you to prepare mail four times faster than traditional Certified Mail.
  • Eliminate special trips to the Post Office or ordering expensive forms online.
  • Eliminate cumbersome completion of the handwritten "green card" and Certified Mail Receipt.
  • Create mail quickly and easily at your desk.
  • Validate address accuracy.
  • Include your own tracking number.

Simplified Addressing

Select an existing address from your online address book or type a new address.

Link your own tracking number (Record/Case/Cause Number, Order ID) to the mail piece for tracking and reference purposes.

Validate every address against the United States Postal Service database to ensure deliverability.

Create address labels using standard office paper eliminating cumbersome forms.

Proof of Mailing

When required, ConfirmDelivery automatically generates USPS® Form 3877 (Firmbook). Mail pieces not requiring official proof of mailing may be given to your postal carrier or placed in an approved USPS® mailbox.

Enhanced Tracking

Tracking is multifaceted. Track directly on the internet at or from your database. Track by recipient, company, location, USPS tracking number or your own reference number.

Expedite Proof of Delivery

Eliminate the 7-10 day wait for the "green card."

Our AutoSignature™ feature automatically emails your most recent recipient signatures on a daily basis.