Streamline the Process

enhance tracking, reduce overhead, and save postage!

How It Works

Pay As You Go

  • No monthly fees, no contracts to sign, no obligations!
  • We operate using a simple pay as you go method.
  • Purchase mail transactions that include the necessary envelope supplies to complete your mailings.
  • All supplies are delivered to your door... just pay shipping.

Unparalleled Customer Service

ConfirmDelivery employs an experienced, talented, in-house team to support you.  Our software developers are just that - ours.  They are here every day to ensure that the system works all day, every day.  If you have an issue, they work with you on the spot.  If it is a unique challenge, they stay with you until a resolution is achieved.

Mail Delivery Resolution

No matter the delivery challenge, we have expert support at our fingertips.  With access to the United States Postal Service's Business Service Network, we will help you resolve any delivery challenge encountered in the tracking of your mail.