Expedite the Process

batch processing and database integration

ConfirmDelivery for Windows™

Using all the features of ConfirmDelivery.com, ConfirmDelivery for Windows is easy to implement and highly flexible. Just download our software at no charge.

  • Installs on any PC and connects seamlessly to your address database.
  • Rapidly process large volumes of mail in automated environments.
  • Simplifies document collating and merging requirements.
  • Versatile batch processing and data extraction capabilities. 

Once loaded on your system, ConfirmDelivery for Windows enables your database to connect to the USPS national tracking and address verification system. Select multiple addresses from your database to generate address sheets or labels of your choice. Options include return labels when you need them. [...]

Click here to download ConfirmDelivery for Windows!

Key Features:

  • No maintenance or support required.
  • Maintain data privacy (e.g., medical, financial, legal environments).
  • Upfront address verification/correction with zip+4 assignment.
  • Return Merchandise Service - labels generated simultaneously if desired.
  • Import/export tasks eliminated – direct connect to your data.
  • Generate shipping labels or address sheets.
  • Configurable margins for various label stock.
  • Versatile batch processing/data extraction capabilities for mail-merge applications.
  • Installs on any PC and connects seamlessly to multiple database types:
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Warehouse/Shipping applications
    • Excel/SQL/Oracle and more
  • Rapidly processes large volumes in automated environments.
  • System can work behind the scenes.
  • Streamlines generation of mailing labels or address sheets for USPS Signature or Delivery Confirmation.
  • Maximizes information management with two-way integration.

        Pull data from your database for addressing:
    • recipient
    • internal reference number
    • notice

        Push data back to your database:
    • USPS corrected address
    • USPS tracking number
    • Expected delivery date
    • Shipping Zone
    • Weight