Simplify every step of the Certified Mail process Enhance tracking with our multifaceted approach Expedite proof of delivery with easy print out or electronic storage


You send Certified Mail and require verification of delivery or a recipient signature.  Sounds simple, but frequently, it just isn't. ConfirmDelivery offers solutions that simplify, enhance and expedite your Certified Mail, Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation mailings.  Our solutions will streamline the process, enhance tracking, reduce overhead, and save postage.

Simplify, Enhance, Expedite and Save!

When sending Certified Mail with ConfirmDelivery, you will:

  • Prepare mail four times faster than before
  • Have patented tracking capabilities at your fingertips that you never imagined possible
  • Gain instant access to signatures and tracking data 24/7
  • Decrease total mailing expenses, saving as much as 65% on postage with each piece mailed

Your business needs critical information delivered with speed and accountability.  ConfirmDelivery simplifies the process with a faster and more cost effective solution.

Ease of Implementation

  • No software to purchase or install
  • No contracts to sign or track
  • No forms
  • No monthly fees

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